Hak Rakyat….

30 01 2010

Petrol subsidy limited to one car per person

PUTRAJAYA: Save for unforeseen circumstances, the government will introduce a new measure of “fixed petrol subsidy for one car per person” beginning March. A large-scale car owner registration exercise will also be launched in conjunction with the new petrol subsidy mechanism to be implemented beginning May 1.
Under the new mechanism, even if a car owner has a few vehicles under his or her name, he or she is only entitled to petrol subsidy for one car only.
If the car owner finishes his or her monthly quota earlier, he or she would have to purchase the fuel based on unsubsidised market rates.
Besides, if the driver is not the owner of any vehicle, he or she will not be entitled to the subsidy.
According to reliable information from the finance ministry, although details of the new subsidy mechanism have yet to be finalised, the solutions being discussed include allowing all registered car owners to enjoy fixed monthly quotas of subsidised petrol with no regard to engine capacity.
As for how much quota will each car owner be entitled to, the sources said it could be anything between 100 to 300 litres. (Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)




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