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4 02 2009

“ What does the word love mean to you….. ??”

Love is a wonderful feeling that God gives to us. Some people will say love is a stupid thing and some other people will say love is so beautiful. To me,love means everything and it can be anything. There are so many types of love,for example,boys and girls love,parental love,family love,love for friends and love for pets.

In this part,I want to tell you about boys and girls love. There are two types of love,one is puppy love and the other is true love. Puppy love usually happens when you are in secondary school. It happens when you was fall in love with someone on first meet. Your relationship will not last long and there is a little hope for the future.

For true love means,sacrifises. When we love someone,we started to care about her/him,supporting and advising her/him all the the time and willing to do anything even it will hurt our own feeling. We think we have to share everything with our lover. It can teach us how to appreaciate someone that come into our life and give you happiness. True love does not mean we have to be a romantic person to your lover. It is enough when relationship filled with honesty,trust and faithful. That is true love.

Sometimes,true love will be sadness for someone. It is when you have to letting go your lover and if it yours,it will comeback to you no matter how. Sooner or later. It really hurt when you must wait for that moment. But,true love give you a lot of precious moment and teach you how to face the frustration and find out the way to solve problems. Sometimes,however,love can make us blind and become fools. It means when you are wasting your time,your phone credit and your money. You are wasting your time when you have to think of how to wake up after a fight. And wasting your phone credit just only to send a message early in morning and wishing good night. They always and always keep on hurting you. But you still call them and wasting your money to reload.

What I can say is,love can make us become a good lover,a good person and also a bad person such as liar,heartbreaker and pretender. It depens on someone how to describe love as what. But,for me,love is useless when you do not take the chances that God gives to you to love someone. Love means everything and it can be anything.

Lots of love,

Hasfazanizam Hasman




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