Hari Yang Ceria…..

29 07 2008

Dear diary….

mengkritik tidak bererti menentang, menyetujui tidak semestinya menyokong, menegur tidak bermakna membenci, dan berbeza pendapat adalah kawan berfikir yang baik
oleh sultanmuzaffar

“The Blogger known as Sultan Muzaffar might be the first ever in Malaysia to have been invited to a press conference as a member of the media. Astro Ria recognised that his comprehensive – obsessive even – coverage of Akademi Fantasia since its debut season was drawing innumerable fans to his blog…”
oleh Danny Lim

“It is from blogs like this, titled Sultan Muzzafar, that is the vein of youth readership in blogs. These are the guys that dictate youth mentality and they do it by networking with other sites, and eventually forming a pocket of popular culture, a conversation piece.”
oleh Mack Zulkifli

nuffnang_bid = “72ae8d39ce63aee182786d6b9ebf27e7”;




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